Our grappas

Borgoscuro is the name of an ancient district, the ancestral home of the family of distillers who, over time, have given life to a new philosophy of grappa.

The distilling process entails separate distillation for each individual variety, blending of different batches and vintages, and a natural cold filtration system. Authentic skills aimed at perfection, which produce a surprisingly clean-cut flavour and an easily digested formula while maintaining aroma intact.

Grappa Classica

Intense and floral, it is the product of an original blend of very fine grappas. 70% white marc, mainly Chardonnay and Prosecco, and and 30% red grape pomace, distilled in discontinuous copper stills. Blending and 12 months’ maturation in steel vats harmoniously combine power and finesse.

Grappa Riserva

Mellow and sparkling, it is the by-product of an exclusive blend of three vintages. The base comprises 65% red grape pomace, predominantly cabernet and merlot, and 35% white grape pomace, distilled in a discontinuous copper pot still. The blend is aged in medium-sized oak and ash barrels, which gives the grappa elegance and harmony.

Grappa Barrique

Balsamic tastes and a sweetly tannic flavour , Borgoscuro interprets the barrique with a "deep toasted" grappa. The base includes Chardonnay, Prosecco, Sauvignon, Cabernet and Merlot grape pomace, distilled in a discontinuous copper pot still. After the batches are blended, the grappa is aged for over a year in young oak barriques, which are subjected to a special toasting process.

About us

Rime Craft Distillers represents the fifth generation of the Maschio dynasty, master distillers in the heart of the Venetianregion for almost two centuries.

The production is artisanal, the result of authentic work, aimed at perfection, recalling the great distillation tradition of the Venetian territories, of which Rime Craft Distillers wants to be a faithful interpreter.

Following in these footsteps Rime Craft Distillers have set up a limited production run with a single aim: creating a grappa with a unique flavour, different from all the others.


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